All of the Richaven herd and young stock are now housed for the winter. The cows are looking and milking well with several on a flush programme at the moment, currently the herd average totals 10,335kg at 4.27%bf and 3.26%p at ACC 96 for cows and heifers on twice a day milking.

We are really excited by several of our milking heifers and young cows who are coming to calve over the next few months, with a new show team destined for Carlisle in March 2016.

The young stock have been clipped and we are currently clipping the milking herd to make life easier for the winter.

There is still 46 acres of maize to harvest at home which was planted later than usual due to a damp spring, it is looking well and will hopefully be lifted in the next 10 days.

We have recently split our biggest silage pit in to two, with a panel wall in the middle to give more options for storage and to reduce wastage across the pit face.